The WIN Program fosters a diverse community of mentors consisting of successful entrepreneurs, professors, senior executives, and investors willing to share their knowledge and experiences in various industries including: Business, advanced science, academic, art, technology, and investment. Our mentors provide support and guidance to our youth for leadership and innovative techniques in a hands-on engagement in projects addressing solutions for real world problems.

WIN Objective

Education and work sectors are undergoing rapid and radical change. Future economic advancement depends on young adults developing into competent, agile, and adaptive, next-generation leaders. WIN mobilizes over 100 executive mentors to engage with students in advanced academic institutions to work collaboratively on projects during hands-on, Innovative Thinking workshops.

WIN United Community Alliance

WIN partners with the full spectrum of public and private sectors to provide a network of specialized workshops, followed by real world projects and mentorship to help bridge the gap of access and opportunity in our culture.

Public Education

Community colleges that seek career guidance for their students.

Private Companies

Sponsoring projects, resources, and mentorship.

Real Projects

Sponsored by companies to solve social, economic, and environmental problems.


Business executives providing guidance, validation, and opportunities.


Counties and townships with advanced academic institutions.


Providing capital for projects and other initiatives.

The WIN Approach

Creating an interdisciplinary immersive learning space for young adults to engage and explore entrepreneurship, innovation, and impact with mentors within a United Community Alliance. Transformative. Professional Development. Opportunities.

Teach the principles of critical and design thinking.

Engender diverse, collaborative, innovative teamwork.

Provide network to continually engage beyond the projects.

Apply with multi-disciplinary project-based problem-solving techniques.

Leverage a community of over 100 executive mentors as a sustainable support infrastructure.

Measure ideas, solutions, and outcomes.

WIN Brings to the Table

The WIN program fosters a diverse mentor community of over 60 successful entrepreneurs, senior executives, and investors who are experienced in the top 500 Silicon Valley companies and startups. Our mentors come from various industries including: academia, business, investment, advanced science, art, and technology. They provide support for useful feedback and opportunities for the students.


Teaching real world designing thinking skills from renown educators and business executives.


Insights from innovative leaders and successful business executives.


Achieving recognition for engaging and committing.


Extending education with internship opportunities to apply new knowledge and develop skills.


Guiding students with feedback and opportunities.


Community where it all grows, accelerates, and measured.

Outcomes & Engagement

Creating an immersive learning space for Community College Students to engage and explore responsible entrepreneurship, innovation, and impact with mentors within a United Community Alliance.

Learn how to think critically, exercise judgement, take risks, and innovate.

Understand the world of possibilities when choosing a problem solving path.

Demonstrate the innovative thinking process. Prepare for the dynamic future of work and automation.

Network with the executive mentors to get feedback on questions not taught in schools.

Inspire students to participate in a real world project.

Network with other students to build a team and alliances.

WIN wants to hear from government officials, advanced educational institutes, private companies, and entrepreneurs who want to join forces to make a positive impact on our society, environment, and economy. It all starts with a strategy on how we align our objectives and resources.