WIN has formed a community of entrepreneurs and senior executives from top Silicon Valley companies and startups with a focus on immersive learning experiences and mentorship to facilitate young adults acquiring 21st-century skills and to empower them to responsibly innovate and succeed in the increasingly complex world as it emerges of ever-changing dynamics.

West Valley College Pilot Program

By WIN & WVC  |  Summer 2020  |  Status: Completed

Saratoga, CA - West Valley College and World Innovations Network (WIN) are partnering to launch the United Community Alliance, a collaboration of West Valley students and faculty, local government officials, accomplished entrepreneurs, high-tech leaders, and the venture capital community. This alliance will create a hands-on approach to address the pressing needs of the community, providing students a chance to help solve real-world problems through sponsored paid internship programs. This student-inspired partnership has identified three specific areas to focus their first efforts: COVID-19, student homelessness, and clean water.

Homelessness in Community Colleges

Sponsored by: Rona Holdings LLC |  Summer 2020  |  Status: Active

Homelessness in America is on the rise. The concept of throwing money at the problem and the issue will somehow disappear has not worked and does not apply to homeless people. Naimi Group is undertaking an initiative as a sponsor and collaboration with WIN and WVC to create a project / potential company for solving the problem of homelessness. It includes investigating the root causes of homelessness, statistics as to why the issue still exists, and solutions to eradicate homelessness in America. This is a longer-term project with the potential of a seed round of financing and investment opportunities.

Health & Wellness During Pandemic

Sponsored by: Mynomx |  Summer 2020  |  Status: Completed

Mynomx Inc. a Silicon Valley-based software company at the intersection of next-generation AI analytics and the latest medical and nutrition science. The Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has swept the world and struck those with the underlying cardiometabolic syndrome. Mynomx is leading a collaborative effort with World Innovations Network, West Valley College, the City of Saratoga, and Santa Clara County, under the “United Community” to prevent and fight COVID19, through personalized nutritional guidelines tailored for the population at risk.

Water Innovation Accelerator

Sponsored by: WIA  |  Summer 2020  |  Status: Completed

Mindful Investment works with purpose-driven entrepreneurs who are involved in projects that are beneficial to our planet and natural resources, such as clean water. They have partnered with WIN and WVC to find solutions for clean water with profitable business models. Stuart Rudick has been a top-performing investment manager for three decades. This is a longer-term project with the potential of a seed round of financing and investment opportunities.

Outcomes & Engagement

Creating a collaborative working space to organize, research, engage, and explore innovative ideas with mentors within a United Community Alliance.

Learned how to present ideas to stakeholders.

Open opportunities to continue the project through partnerships.

Conduct research of statistics and current initiatives.

Transformative accomplishment that will have real world impact.

Ideate new solutions where existing efforts fall short.

Develop confidence and validate dedicated hard work.

WIN wants to hear from government officials, advanced academic institutions, private companies, and entrepreneurs who want to join forces to make a positive impact on our society, environment, and economy. It all starts with a strategy on how we align our objectives and resources.