Social Equality, Environmental, Health and Economic Advancement, depend on young adults developing into competent, agile, adaptive, and responsible leaders


Next Generation Interdisciplinary Project & Mentor-Based Educational Program for Community Colleges


WIN forms partnerships among community colleges, private sector, and executive entrepreneurs to train, mentor and engage community college students in real-world projects facilitating their professional growth and leadership.


The most valuable asset of the WIN program is the diverse mentor community of passionate and successful entrepreneurs, senior executives, and investors who are experienced in the top Silicon Valley companies and startups. Our mentors come from various industries including: academia, business, investment, advanced science, biotechnologies, legal, finance and art. They provide support for project sponsorship, guidance and opportunities for students.

Innovative Thinking + Responsible Community Impact

A comprehensive approach to teaching community college students innovative thinking and strategically developing business ideas to fruition.

Online Workshops


WIN projects are carefully curated to give students opportunities for hands-on problem solving and real-world challenges many communities face. Our interdisciplinary projects have a purpose with a primary goal to provide a positive impact on Social, Economic, and Environmental outcomes.

Leadership + Mentorship  + Team Building + Networking

Self organizing teams to develop leadership and engagement of growth. WIN objective is to inspire, encourage and empower Inspiring dignity and optimism for community college students.



WIN actively organizes partnerships between both private and public sectors of society to create opportunities to community college students to become entrepreneurs and responsible leaders by developing the necessary innovative thinking skills combined with project engagement to transform them for the real world.

Who We WIN For

WIN opens opportunities to community college students to become responsible entrepreneurs and pursue careers requiring innovative thinking. Participants will remain engaged with their executive mentors and top professors on the projects they start in our online workshops. They will gain practical knowledge and feedback on their ideas so they achieve a higher rate of success and lifelong learning. We assist them on the right path to pursue their highest interests and potential.

Program Model

Who We WIN With

  • Community Colleges
  • Private Sector
  • Executive Mentors
  • Investors- Entrepreneurs
  • Government
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