WIN teaches real-world knowledge of market innovations from mentors and successful entrepreneurs innovating new solutions to big problems the world faces. We have partnered with professors from Stanford University, Berkeley, and various advanced academic institutions, undertaking an initiative focusing on training, empowering, and introducing students to the Innovating Thinking process.

Innovative Design Thinking

By Dr. Yahya Tabesh

The objective is to introduce participants to the 21st-century skills in problem-solving and responsible entrepreneurship, through design and innovative thinking.
The WIN workshop applies to participants from all disciplines, backgrounds, and industries. Participants will be able to identify real-life problems and tackle them through critical thinking skills and mentors’ support.

Learn How To Learn

By Prof. Wade Ellis Jr.

Rethinking and evaluating how we learn anything new. Most importantly, how to apply the knowledge in a real world setting for innovation. The focus is on tools to gain understanding rather than merely memorizing. Engage with quiz questions, discussions, and contributing perspective and conclusions.

From Ideas to Startups

By Farzad Naimi

99% of businesses fail not because of reasons you would assume. So why do people risk everything to do it anyway? This lecture goes in deep on what it takes to pursue and persist in a startup business.

Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

By Farzad Naimi

It takes a team to succeed in a venture startup. What do Silicon Valley companies have in common? This lecture explores what environments and policies stimulate productivity, growth, and innovation.

Presenting Your Ideas

By Stu Smith

A concise presentation is imperative to mobilize your ideas to garner support and progress. Designing and delivering an impactful presentation requires a foundation of principles, practice, and feedback. Learn the key concepts that will help you achieve your objective goals.

Outcomes & Engagement

Creating an interactive learning space for students in advanced academic institutions to discover entrepreneurship and their potential for participation and inclusion.

Gaining real world knowledge to guide career decisions.

Applying knowledge, not just memorizing it.

Learning the innovative thinking methodology.

Engage in a real world project to apply gained knowledge.

Exploring unforeseen possibilities and direction.

Learning how to be proactive and recognize opportunities.


WIN rewards achievements to attend and participate with the foundation of what it takes to join a project.

WIN wants to hear from government officials, advanced academic institutions, private companies, and entrepreneurs who want to join forces to make a positive impact on our society, environment, and economy. It all starts with a strategy on how we align our objectives and resources.